Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Alum Creek Dog Park

Alum Creek Dog Park

Recently, I discovered just how many dog lovers (owners, rescue folks, and people who just like to be around dogs) there are in Northern Columbus (Ohio). Mark (my husband) and I joined Poundhounds Adoption Welfare Society at Alum Creek Dog Park. Poundhounds is only a few years old, but they have done so much for dogs already. They have foster dogs and match them up with good owners; some of the dogs they foster have been rescued from "pounds." They raise money through dog washes, microchipping and nail clipping and, my favorite, taking photos of dogs and their owners with assorted Buckeye novelties, with the beautiful autumn leaves in the background.

I learned that Alum Creek Dog Park was started just two years ago by a woman on a mission. In one half of the summer of 2006, approx. 40,000 cars visited this area of the park, the second most visited section of Alum Creek Park. Still, it is not supported by the government, but by private donations. It was great seeing the constant stream of cars visiting on this October Saturday. By the afternoon the parking lot was full.

There were Newfundlands, Retrievers, Labs, St. Bernards.... in the large area. And Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, and other small dogs in the smaller dog area. Plus a few labs were having a ball in the enclosed dog beach area. As the trees showed some color (finally) and a sailboat went by on the lake, I thought this was a great way to spend a day spreading the word about Poundhounds and Open Your Heart with Pets.

Janice Phelps and Nikki Fetingas

I will be at Poundhounds next fundraiser, put on by the Powell Woman's Assocation. It is "Pictures with Santa" and more info can be found at

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